How to cure the OCD

If you dream about how to be able to cure the OCD, you need to consider than the only system to do it, use to be to erase the real factor than causes it. The OCD is a problem that creates intrusive thoughts at the level of the mind of the people. In some cases, there are compulsive acts. The cause of the the OCD is not discovered yet, but a lot of professionals say than it's a certain combination of personality and deep traumas. This is important because to erase its deepest cause has to be the only way to cure the OCD. The aspects than are responsible of the disease are the social influence, the high degree of protection in the education received by their fellows, and the existence of past events, and factors than are bad. One of the keys than can make the problem could be the anxiety. Let's write some cases of compulsive reactions. Some of the acts are:

Cleaning their hands one time after another.
The acf of checking than the windows are properly closed and other kinds of acts of verifying.
To order the clothes in a very specific way.
To do certain mental repetitions relating to think about certain numbers or letters.

Some of the cures are not as useful as someone might think. That is due to the fact than most natural therapies, as well as cognitive therapy, frequently can't cure the OCD. That can be due to the situation than most therapies can't to erase the real cause of the problem. If we desire to know how to cure the OCD you need to keep in mind than you have to erase the causal factors. The only therapies than are highly powerful in the healing the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are the psychoanalysis and the fact of not to believe the thoughts. Those are treatments than work at the level of the deep part of the mind, and once that is erased, the Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is cured.

Let's see the psychoanalysis. It is discovered by Sigmund Freud, and partially modified by his pupil Jung. It`s good to know how to heal the OCD because it makes repressed feelings to be accepted, and this way they no more are are feeding the OCD symptoms, and that means the OCD cure to be a reality. However it's a long process, because it is always needed a very high number of sessions in order curing the OCD. It can imply it's quite expensive to overcome the OCD if one choose the psychoanalysis.

For being able to cure the OCD is the BioNeuroEmotion. This is a discipline than was developed by by a spanish guy. It's a science than brings up the influence of our ancestors in our existence, and one of its tools is the analysis of the genealogical members in the clan. The truth is than the most typical examples of compulsive are habits like cleaning someone's body over and over. Other cases consist on to verify than the windows are closed properly, and to move some objects of the room in a certain way. It's also done by some people to wash the house several times. It's done to try to keep the home absolutely cleaned and free of virus.

The people who suffer Obsessive Compulsive Disorder understand than these habits are not a healthy thing but they can't avoid to make these acts. If they don't make them they begin to experience more and more anxiety and the only possibility to stop the anxiety is to be doing the the compulsive acts. The habitual therapy help to dicrease those feelings but generally it can't heal those feelings.
A lot of persons with this disorder are not diagnosed and that's why they can't even search for help. They have the consciousness that they have things than are not normal but they usually don't understand the reason why, and how is the way to heal the OCD.

As you might know this is extremely hard from the emotional meaning due to the fact than the guys are striving in suffering and they don't say it to other people. The reason is than usually they are quite afraid of being considered crazy. If you are a relative of a guy who you think than could have this problem, the best action you may make consists of speaking with that person and to explain him this problem and about the importance of looking for someone to help you. It's as well highly good to express him your help and. It's important to say to that person the fact that he will not be abandoned. That may be tremendously. You can have more advices in my blog or web page.

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